Demon Gaap - Goetia Collection ( Sigils)

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Tap/Gaap is a high president and prince of hell, commanding 4 of the principal kings and 60 legions, and as powerful as Byleth. He also has an empire over those demons Amaymon commands. He appears in human form at noon, and is said to intensify the passions of love and hatred, and can transport men to different countries. Earlier necromancers invoked Tap by spells composed by King Solomon, but that is not true, as it was Noah’s son, Cham, who first began evoking evil spirits. The necromancers also offered him libations and holocausts. Tap was made to serve Byleth by composing a book of mathematics. If the exorcist knows of the art of Byleth, Gaap will not cooperate. Another book attributed to the prophets Eli and Elijah states that Gaap can be conjured by virtue of the saints’ names of God listed in the Key of Solomon.

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