30 hits of Acid/LSD - Shirts and Merch

  Here is a Collection of various shirts, hoodies, mugs and other merchandise. This is to celebrate the 10th anniversary or the viral video 30 hits of LSD.

I never thought about making merchandise for a YouTube video but I already was selling shirts unrelated so why not. Besides, YouTube will not let em monetize my videos so out of a combined total of around 30 million views I received nothing. Sales for these shirts helps to offset that. 


Thanks for watching my videos and glad I could amuse you even if only for a few minutes. If you see a shirt in here you like but you want a different image or lettering or even style like long sleeve or hoodie just shoot me a email on the contact us messenger button and it will happen. Each image can go on about a dozen varieties and a dozen colors so ..... save time. 


Enjoy and as always..      stay trippin.!      YouTube (30 hits of acid guy )