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Satanic Fashion - Shirts and More

Posted by Zachary Schroeder on

Satanic Fashion ( The Devils Corner ) was launched in Feb. 2018 by Zach Black owner and founder of Satanic International Network. The purpose of the project is to develop custom clothing that would be appealing for other Satanists. Satanic Fashion is attempting an infusion of traditional and modern Satanic aesthetics with a contemporary feel. 

As of May of 2018 nearly 100 designs are being sold mainly shirts and medallions. The majority are unique or a spin off of traditional sigils and symbols. In the works is a monumental effort to reproduce the 72 Demon Sigils from the Goetia and make them available with custom artwork all on shirts and medallions. 


Every week new product is added. Also custom shirts can be designed from artwork or images provided from the public. 

We intend on being the largest online clothingvshop for satanic shirts. 

The images and designs are not mass produced and are creations from Satanists offering their creativity to other Satanists. Basically this is a mom and pop business adventure not a mass produce item for the public. 


Satanic Fashions is one of a few off shoots of  Satanic International Network  the social networking site for Satanists.